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About me

Hi, I'm Beau.

I'm a career yoga teacher and I teach vinyasa, yin, hatha, pranayama, and meditation (including yoga nidra).

I have taught yoga for 5+ years, practiced for 10+, and I hold Yoga Alliance's highest level of certification—E-RYT 500.

Like many, my initial draw to yoga was in helping me heal physical injuries. As I deepened my practice I started to understand how yoga is different to all other movement practices: I connected further to myself—my Self—and unlocked greater wellbeing, physical and emotional.

I design my classes as journeys into our inner realm. When we move, we move in unison, and with our breath and music (and silence). We start with simple movements which we layer into much more difficult arrangements, step by step, making the challenging accessible. When we meditate, I hold an inviting, protective space to allow for greater introspection and spiritual awakening.

My training

As a teacher and practitioner, I see the study of yoga as a lifelong journey. I have special interest in the accurate understanding of yoga scripture and its historical context, as well as in experiencing the practice at a somatic level.

I completed my 500 hour training with Jason Crandell, in vinayasa flow yoga. Jason has 20+ years of experience teaching yoga and his approach is contemporary and down-to-earth, informed by the latest developments in sports medicine and the human body, with specific emphasis on asana, sequencing, and injury managment.

I did my original 200 hour training with Ambra Vallo, in hatha-raja yoga. Ambra has trained with renouned teachers Dharma Mittra, Ana Forrest, and Larry Shultz (among others), which gave me a broad and comprehensive understanding of yoga, with specific emphasis on pranayama, kriya, and mantra, as well as asana.

I have additionally trained with Norman Blair in yin yoga, who has 20+ years of experience and has trained with Sarah Powers & Paul Grilley and Bernie Clark.

I have completed courses on the state-of-the-art research on the history of yoga with lectures from Mark Singleton and James Mallinson (and others) with Yogacampus; on the yoga sutras with Daniel Simpson referencing Edwin Bryant's translation and compilation of commentaries; and on sanskrit and mantra yoga with Elena Jessup. This is not a comprehensive list.

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